AMASONE - Atlantic MAster on Ship Operation & Naval Engineering


Program outline

Ecole Centrale Nantes

Two of the top French Technical Universities have teamed up to offer you a unique opportunity to learn naval engineering and become an engineer experienced in ship operation.

At Ecole Centrale Nantes we provide high-level naval engineer training programme. You will have access to experimental facilities such as towing tank, wave tank, internal combustion engine test benches. In collaboration

École Navale

École Navale in Lanvéoc-Poulmic close to Brest is the French Naval Academy where French Navy officers are trained. In Ecole Navale we deliver a serious scientific training, navigation knowledge and maritime environment. The outstanding strength of this master program is that you will have on-board training sessions on French Navy vessels. You will get an insight of on-board practice to serve complex equipment and to fit in with the quick evolution of knowledge and techniques which is highly valuable for a naval engineer and of course highly regarded by industrial employers.

100% English Master!

Besides this technical and scientific know-how, you will learn about the French culture and language as well.


Career opportunities - our industrial partners

Being hotbeds of innovation and leadership, Ecole Navale and Ecole Centrale Nantes provide strong links with France’s industrial companies and enjoy a reputation of excellence in Europe and all around the world.

Our industrial partners are leading international companies involved in shipbuilding, ship design, marine engine industry or ship operation such as DCNS, Bureau Véritas, Hydrocean, CGG, Man Diesel, STX and Pôle Mer Bretagne Bretagne Atlantique.

You may find opportunities to do your Master Thesis in one of these companies

Career opportunities:

Studying in France

École Navale

As well as studying in one of the top French Technical Universities you will enjoy the French quality of life. Both Nantes and Brest are active harbor towns turned towards the seas and like all harbor towns, they have a long tradition of openness. Their dynamism stems from the constant ebb, flow and renewal of the tides that carry talent and ideas from abroad, and in return export its own vision and way of life.

Brest welcomes you at land’s end. In Brest you will experience living in a city that is resolutely oriented towards the ocean. Its magnificent natural harbor is one of the most beautiful in Europe, and will introduce you to the delights of water sports, fishing or discovering the amazing nature all around. The French Naval Academy is located at Lanveoc Poulmic in the Peninsula of Crozon, quite nearby Brest.

The metropole of Nantes is one of the major cultural, artistic and creative poles in France.

It lies at the crossroads of three French provinces and is the junction between northern and southern France. Nantes is definitely the right place for a swirling confluence of ideas, cultures and passions.

From Nantes you have access to a dozen different worlds and their rich history (Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne), architecture, gastronomy and more. Nantes is also two hours from Paris by high-speed train.