AMASONE - Atlantic MAster on Ship Operation & Naval Engineering


Courses description 100% English"

This 2-year Master is taught and assessed through English. A 6-month company internship is included in the 2-year cursus.

Year One

Courses 60 Credits*
S1 French language & culture 4
Fluid mechanics 5
Applied Thermodynamics 5
Algorithm & programming 5
Maritime initiation & leadership 3
Knowledge of marine environment - acoustics 3
Math-Mechanical systems 5
S2 Training on Ship 3
French language & culture 4
Maritime English Geopolitics 5
Propulsion systems 6
Systems approach and modeling 6
Hydrodynamics (basics) 6

Year Two

Courses 60 Credits*
S3 Training on Ship 4
French language & culture 3
Maritime & navigation knowledge 7
Labs in Hydrodynamics & propulsion systems 6
Thermal Machines 5
Hydrodynamics (advanced) 5

*Credits : ECTS European Credits Transfer System

Experimental facilities description at a glance !

École Navale

French Navy vessels (Training vessels and sailboats)

École Navale

One of the best navigation simulators in the world.

Ecole Centrale Nantes

A towing tank of 148 m long, 5 m wide and 3 m depth, with a carriage allowing to tow models up to 8 m/s.
A wave tank of 50 m length, 30 m wide and 5 m depth equiped with a multiflap wavemaker which is able to creates multidirectionnal waves of 1 m height.

Ecole Centrale Nantes

6 test benches for internal combustion engines allowing to test engines from 70 to 400 kW.